Laser pyrography machine 220v 50w gourd wood crafts tool kit multifunction

Model: XA2-F
Power: 50W real
Temperature: normal use temperature 0-1000 degrees, the use of high temperature alloy pen can be baked at 1000 degrees temperature rendering, fine rendering.
Pyrography pen: 2pcs professional-quality, can change the pen
Pen point: 20pcs 1 mm ordinary electric wire high temperature alloy pens.
Screwdriver: a mini screwdriver, install and dismantle tip.
Wipe pen sponge: a sponge brush, high temperature wiping pen sponge, at any time to wipe the carbon on the tip to improve the quality of ponograph, sponge dipped in water before use, then wipe the tip, so as not to burn the sponge high temperature burn.
CD tutorial: a CD , the contents of the traditional pyrograph based tutorial, into the computer drive to watch the video.

Power : 50W
Temperature:0-1000 degree
Blade diameter: 1mm

 Package Included:
1 x set of Pyrography Machine
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