Furniture Trends

Furniture Trends

by Daniel Hoffman on Oct 21, 2019

Furniture Trends

Gone are the days when people used to follow the same décor style for years on end. Nowadays, homeowners want their home décor to be trendy and stylish. They want to incorporate all the latest in décor so that their home does not look passé.  

For all those who are looking for the home décor trends of 2020, we are sharing the latest from the décor world.

  1. Colors: The first major trend that you would observe is in the use of interior décor colors. Gray continues to be a favorite color in 2020, as well. Being a neutral color, it can easily be combined with other bold colors to create a style statement. Pink, in all shades, also continues to be a trendsetter for the coming year.

The significant change that you would witness in 2020 is the use of purple color. Purple can be used to create an accent wall or as upholstery in an armchair. You can also use paintings and other wall hanging in purple. If nothing works out, you can even go for a pendant light in purple shade.

When it comes to the kitchen, all-black is the latest trend. You can accessorize black with metals or natural elements. Metal lighting fixtures and décor pieces can be used in the kitchen to pop up space. You can also give a metallic touch to the backsplash.

  1. Material: Natural material like wicker, wood, and stone take center stage in home décor of 2020. You can go for chairs made of wood or wicker, stone cladding on the wall, and carpets made of natural elements like jute and cotton.

Another trend is to go for wood in the house structure. Wooden ceiling, column, and floor continue to be trendy in 2020 as well. As against the light wood used in the previous year, dark wood gains significance in the coming year.

  1. Accessories: Ethnic motifs can be used to accessorize the home. These motifs can be in the form of paintings, cushion cover or even a décor piece like a figurine. The peculiarity of the ethnic pieces is the splash of colors. Thus, these items should be aesthetically used to provide an elegant look to your interiors.


  1. Going green: “Going green” continues to gain significance in the coming year as well. You can use recycled and reused materials like lamps to go with the trend.


Indoor plants and vertical gardens can be incorporated to provide a green touch. Wallpapers with tropical prints and design of rainforest gain significance. If you are not for wallpapers, then canvas prints with natural motifs like leaves can be neatly framed and hung on the wall.


If you are going for an all-black kitchen, then small green plants like herbs can also be incorporated to brighten up space.


While incorporating the latest trend in home décor, always consider the style that you have been following. Incorporate the new style in such a way that it does not look odd or out of place.