8 Basic Furnitures Every Home Must Have

Furniture plays a key role in shaping the ambiance of your home. It adds style and functionality to the home and makes it livable. Whatever type of house you have, whether condo or villa, having the right kind of furniture is very important to make the house habitable.

Furniture is available in different types and styles, each having its own distinct function. Let us have a look at a few of the basic furniture every home should have.

Living Room Furniture


  1. Armchair: Armchairs are the primary furniture that provides seating options in a living room. These are leisure chairs that are made of wood. The chair can be fully or partially upholstered, depending on the design. Unlike regular chairs, an armchair comes with arm support on either side that provides comfort.


  1. Coffee table: A coffee table is used in the living room for serving coffee and also for decorative purposes. Some coffee table comes with storage rack at the bottom for storing books and newspaper.


  1. TV stand: A TV stand or an entertainment unit is a living room furniture that is used for placing your home theater system. A TV stand comes with storage space for placing your gadgets. The open area of a TV stand is normally used for displaying curios.


Dining Room Furniture


  1. Dining set: The dining set comprises of the dining table and chairs. The size of the dining set depends on the space of the dining room and the number of seating options you want. A dining set can be as small as a two-seater to as big as an eight-seater one. The dining set can be made of wood or metal. Glass can be used for topping the dining table.


Bedroom Furniture


  1. Bed: Beds are available in four different sizes – full, queen, king, and cal king. The size you select depends on the size of the room and your requirements. A low-profile bed lies close to the floor and requires a box spring mattress. A platform bed comes with wooden support and does not need a box spring mattress.


  1. Nightstand: Nightstands are small wooden cabinets that are placed near the bed. The stand comes with drawers for storing your personal belongings. The top of the stand can be used for placing table lamp.


  1. Dressing Table: A dressing table comes with a mirror and storage space for your personal grooming items. The table also has a matching stool in which you can sit and apply make-up. A dressing table is made of wood and is available in different sizes and styles to suit the varying requirements of the customers.




  1. Barstool: Bar stools are high chairs that are mostly used in the bar. But they can also be used in the kitchen if you have a breakfast nook. The height of the stool makes it convenient to easily get in and get out of the seat.



Having this basic furniture not only improves the ambiance of your home but also the functionality of the house. It converts a house into a home and makes it livable.